What happens when there is a real disturbance on a plane?

Stuart got to witness a live and frightening incedent when flying to Bangkok on Wednesday.

At boarding time he noticed a man being escorted onto the plane and held by three officers. So it was clear that this man was being flown from Australia not of his own free will.

Boarding and push back all went as normal but as the aircraft started its taxi to the runway two members of the flight deck crew suddenly ran down the aisle to the rear of the aircraft.

As the aircraft continued to taxi not all felt right, and sure enough as the aircraft entered the runway it became clear that the aircraft was not going to be taking off. Eventually the aircraft started to head back to the terminal after sitting on the runway for many minutes.

At that time the pilot announced that as a passenger would not adhere to the safety instructions of the cabin crew the aircraft could not take off. An announcement was then made a member by a member of the cabin crew that as a result of Australian Government regulations, Australian Federal Police would be coming onboard to take control of the aircraft.

The Australian Federal Police were on the plane within minutes and dragged off the passenger in question; who it turns out was a deportee being escorted out of our country. He refused to wear his seat belt and then proceeded to attack his escorts.

This whole exercise as frightening as it was, was handled by the airline in a thoroughly professional manner, that ensured passenger safety was not compromised in any way. The cabin and flight crew carried out their duties as you would hope their training has prepared them for. The cabin remained calm at all times and any inconvenience was kept to a minimum.

The whole incident demonstrates the importance of flying with a reputable airline who take the issue of passenger safely and security with the utmost importance.

Written by Stuart Ingram, Destination HQ Managing Director