Virgin Australia Introduces Support to Nervous Flyers

At Virgin Australia, we’re in the business of experience, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. We’ve uncovered that more than 10% of our guests experience high levels of nervousness when travelling, so whilst we love flying them from A to B, they might not always feel the same way.

We want all our guests to love flying as much as we do, so we’ve spent the past year designing a program to assist nervous flyers on their journey with us. The program provides information and tools for these guests in the lead-up to travel, reassuring and heartfelt interactions on the day of travel, and aims to reduce unnecessary stress on the day of travel.

Please note this program is designed for guests who are already flying and would benefit from some support throughout their travels, not for those unable to travel due to fear of flying.

Virgin Australia’s Nervous Flyer Program

  • Virgin Australia’s nervous flyer program has been designed for guests who experience overwhelming nervousness when flying and is now available on all Virgin Australia operated flights.
  • A week prior to departure, Virgin Australia will provide the guest with some useful and encouraging information to help alleviate common concerns.
  • Guests will also receive an SMS message from Virgin Australia on their day of travel for additional reassurance.
  • Destination HQ can assist guests to identify themselves to Virgin Australia as a nervous flyer when making their booking


News release from Virgin Australia.  Launching 9th September