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Sophie & Janelle – Anantara Maldives & Niyama Private Island Maldives

Our experience in the Maldives really lived up to our expectations. The water is next level amazing! All we can say is WOW! And if you haven’t been, you need to get there!!

Janelle & Sophie


A 35 min speedboat from Male Airport will take you to Anantara Dhigu.  It is then also connected to both Anatara Veli (Adults only) & Naladhu Private Villas.

Anantara Dhigu is a small intimate island.

Beach villa: The beach villas have recently been refurbished, they are lovely!! They all have direct access to the beach. The beach is stunning and perfect for swimming in. You could easily spend an entire day on the beach and in the water! Some of the beach villas have private pools. If you are happy to pay the extra then you should go the plunge pool option.

Overwater bungalow: Wow! Just wow!! These are incredible. Perfect for a first time traveller to the Maldives. 

Anantara Dhigu is a great family option for younger families (a kids club is also available). We think families with teenagers would run out of things to do on a longer stay.

We loved the breakfast and had dinner at their signature restaurant Salt, Fire Grill which was delicious!!

  • Dolphin cruise (1hr) –  ($80USD per person). Certainly worth it! We saw so many dolphins!
  • The day spa on Dhigu is also incredible!!!!

Anantara Veli (adults only)

  • Connected to Dhigu by a small boat.
  • Veli is a great alternative if you want to get away from children. Veli guests can still enjoy Dhigu and adult guests from Dhigu can still go across to Veli.
  • Veli also has the overwater bungalows and beach bungalows, however we preferred the bungalows at Dhigu.
  • You can eat on both islands, which is good as the islands are small so you can mix it up. Veli had a really lovely feel and good ambiance.

Naddhu Private Island Villas (connected by to Veli by a private bridge)

  • These are huge! The villas are amazing, very very private. These are for the families or couples who literally do not want to see ANYONE. All villas have their own plunge pools and direct access to the beach, they also come with their own butler. No over water villas on this Island. Naddhu guests can go to Veli & Dhigu at any time, however Veli & Dhigu guests cannot go to Naddhu Villas.

It is a good option if you are wanting a very private stay – you literally do not need to leave the villa if you don’t want!

Anantara Dhigu in general was small and felt like a true island resort experience. Beaches are beautiful and the resort had a relaxed, homely atmosphere.


  • 35 min sea plane from Male.
  • There is also a domestic airport 5 minutes away by speedboat. Great option if you are uneasy on a seaplane.
  • 2 connected islands (CHILL & PLAY)

Deluxe Overwater villa:

  • Private pool, stunning bathroom! The toilet and shower are open to the elements and not ideal when it’s raining and windy
  • Rooms are spacious and certainly have the wow factor. All Villas come with their own butler and each person gets a bike to get around
  • Butlers take around in buggies if you don’t want ride your bike. They top up your fridge with free homemade ice-cream daily

Beach Bungalows:

  • Direct access to the beach and some with private pools.
  • Amazing outdoor bathrooms! I imagine it would be like showering in the jungle. Beach is great and swimmable.

Family villa:

  • Family villa has a separate family room attached – FITS A  FAMILY OF 5!!

Kids Club

  • Niyama is really catering towards the families. 
  • Kids club up to 11 yo. They also have a program for 12mth- 2years aprox 20usd per hour, capped at $100usd per day.
  • Teenagers have a ‘chill’ area with xbox, pool table, darts, movies.


  • Free snorkelling, paddle-boards & Kayaks. 
  • Surf break! There is a surf break off the island. You can go to ‘Surf Shack’ and have a drink while watching people surf. This part of the island feels more like Sorrento back beach than the Maldives. Which is pretty cool. Not what you expect when you go to the Maldives.
  • Resort is large, it was at 90% capacity and didn’t feel it.


  • Food was AMAZING!!
  • Tribal – African Cuisine, with a full Africa theme (even served by Africans) Best ribs I’ve ever had!!
  • Nest – Asian Cuisine. Nest is built into the trees. It is one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve been to. You are literally eating in the jungle, unfortunately pictures wouldn’t work as it was too dark. The food was delish too!!
  • Edge – Fine dining. Built on a pontoon. Also has an underwater restaurant and night club. We liked the other two better.
  • Breakfast – was good (but we preferred Anantara Dhigu)

Would highly recommend a ½ board option. If we were paying for our dinners they would have exceed $300usd per dinner (not including wine). We really stress the importance of a ½ board option.

RECAP Anantara Dhigu & Niyama

Dighu has a lovely relaxed feel. Small but didn’t feel too small. Good food & service. Overwater bungalows were amazing. Perfect for couples or young families. Perfect for a 5-7 night stay.

Niyama is a completely different concept. Bigger with more activities and restaurant options. Would be perfect for a 7 night stay. Catering to teenagers aswell as young families.

Beach villa Vs Overwater villa

Overwater villa is perfect for a first timer who really want that full experience. However in my opinion I think a beach villa is just as good. Its so nice to be able to walk out of your villa onto the stunning beach. So if your budget doesn’t stretch to  an overwater option, I would book a beach villa experience with confidence.

Sri Lankan Airlines

  • On way over we had the old A330. Like other reviews from my colleagues, the seats are uncomfortable.
  • On the way home we had the new A330. Seats were MUCH better! The plane also has WIFI and allows international roaming on your phone.
  • Entertainment was lacking and food was ok
  • Service was great

Maldives seasons:

Best time to travel:

  • December-March


  • May – October

We had one day of rain ALL DAY, although we were happy to hangout in our villa, I can imagine if you had a week of rain it might ruin your experience.

Click to read more on when to go to the Maldives

Our experience in the Maldives really lived up to our expectations. The water is next level amazing! All I can say is WOW! And if you haven’t been, you need to get there!!!

Sophie Anderson

I began my career at 2010 after discovering my passion for travel while living and working in Canada for 2 years. Since then I have travelled to the USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Fiji, Croatia, Italy and New Zealand. I love to experience new things, learn about different cultures and, of course, taste food from around the world. Africa is also one of my favourite destinations I‘ve been to. I’m a Ski Expert and have travelled to Club Med Ski resorts in both France and Japan.

Janelle King

My love for travel developed from growing up in Hong Kong and Singapore – my Dad was based there as a pilot. I started working as a travel agent in the 1990’s and travelled extensively through Europe, and more recently through Asia with my young family. A family highlight was 4 weeks in America including Disneyworld and New York. My favourite cities are New York, Prague & Paris. My most amazing trips have been on safari in Kenya and visiting the amazing palaces in Russia. I travelled to Myanmar this year on a luxury cruise and tour which was amazing. My bucket list would be The Kimberley & Patagonia in Chile.

Niyama Overwater Villa

Melissa – Sri Lanka Luxury, a Destination HQ small group journey

I escorted a Destination HQ small group journey in Sri Lanka.  We stayed in some of the most luxurious properties in Sri Lanka, and got to experience the beauty of this up and coming travel destination.

Melissa George


Really impressed with this direct service between Melbourne and Colombo. Check in was relatively fast and efficient. They do offer a “bid for upgrade” function online, up to 36 hours before departure. Minimum bid on this sector was $750USD. Business class upgrade at check in was $850.00. Great to keep in mind!

The aircraft was clean and modern. Two hot meal services were served on the flight. I was impressed with the standard of the food. Throughout the flight water and other drinks were offered frequently.  In-flight entertainment was a touch screen and a great selection of new and old movies/tv shows were available.

Actual seat in economy was a bit uncomfortable due to a head rest that juts-out.

On arrival in Colombo we had the VIP express arrival booked. We still needed to line up at passport control, which took a long time (around 45 mins) but after this we were whisked away to a holding lounge, where we were presented with drinks and more food whilst they collected our baggage. We were then led out a back entrance straight to our van so skipped the whole arrivals chaos! 

Our Local operator was excellent throughout. Given that Sri Lanka loses 3000 people a year or road accidents, you need to ensure you have a safe driver – as well as a personable and knowledgeable tour guide..


Only a 10 minute drive to the airport (Colombo city is 45 mins to an hour away) Really convenient for Melbourne passengers arriving in late. Nice hotel, modern, but nothing spectacular. Breakfast was nice, buffet style with an eggs station too.


Amazing, expansive resort central to Dambulla, Sigiriya and Anaradapura.

Gorgeous little bungalows (all with private plunge pools) scattered over hectares. There are golf carts available to get you around the resort, or you can use the bicycles provided. 

It is quite isolated, so guests need to eat within the resort. Food was outstanding! A great variety of Sri Lankan and Western dishes. They also offer activities like horse riding, kayaking etc.

We did the cooking class which was one of the highlights of the trip. We were given aprons to take home, a certificate and recipe book – all really nice touches 🙂 highly recommend this property!


This boutique property, which is 8km out of Kandy City, is a refurbished colonial homestead with only 8 rooms. Each room is named after a butterfly and no two rooms are the same.

Although the rooms are gorgeous, this hotel won’t suit everyone. I stayed in the BLACK RAJA suite, one of the largest, but it had a Tub sitting in the middle of the floor (not great in the middle of the night!) and there was no privacy at all in the bathroom.

The grounds of the hotel are beautiful. And the food was excellent.


Basic train but wonderful scenery through all the tea plantations. It’s about a 2.5 hour journey.

Be warned when booking this that reservations are very difficult to confirm (we only got tickets 3 days prior to departure despite it being booked months in advance) well worth the effort though!


Highlight of the trip. This place is truly heaven on earth!

Norwood is one of the largest properties with 6 bedrooms. I had the master suite “Hazel” and it was incredible! This property is all inclusive and has its own Butler, chef etc 

Each day the chef comes out to discuss possible menus for the day. The food was top notch with lots of breakfast selections, 3 course lunch and dinner and an afternoon tea option too.

There are lots of walks available around the area, as well as mountain biking, kayaking etc for those who like to be active. We did a tour of the tea factory and learnt about the process of tea making, which was very interesting.

We also did a beautiful walk through a local village and up through the plantations themselves – another highlight 🙂


Historically significant walled fort on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. Has a very “hipster” vibe inside with plenty of trendy eateries and some shopping.

Enjoyed our time here at Taru Villa’s. I loved the walking tour around the fort, which was both educational and hilarious, with Shanjei. Definitely book this for your if you have a chance!

I also loved meeting a Red Hill boy who has set up a boutique guest house and coffee bar, also within the fort. Really great drip coffee (Vietnamese style) and iced tea during the day and cocktails and live music of an evening. It’s called THE PRINCE OF GALLE – they don’t have a website but you can check out some info here

Definitely worth a visit if you  are in the area!

The accommodation was a private villa inside the fort itself. Wasn’t my favourite property on the itinerary but still lovely, all the same.


We were lucky enough to stay at Uga Escapes here – a beautiful boutique property that offered sanctuary from the busy city!

Only 11 suites (all very large in size with a lovely bathroom) – amazing, personal service and food to die for. Really nice pool, too – and one of the few properties I stayed at with a gym!

One of the best meals of the trip was at their in-house restaurant – worth booking even if you aren’t staying here.

Other places we can recommend for dining:



About Melissa 

I began my career in the travel industry in 2005. In my time I have travelled to nearly every continent: Asia including Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China; USA & Canada; South Pacific including Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand and Vanuatu; Africa including South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana and Europe. My favourite destinations are New York City or Cape Town; both vibrant, chic, modern cities with lots to do and yummy food to eat! I also specialise in family travel, recently returning from my own multi-generation holiday at Club Med Kani, Maldives!



Vanessa – Luxury Cruising with Ponant

Vanessa Whittaker

I travelled to Bergen, Norway to board Ponant’s brand new vessel MS Le Champlain.  It is the newest vessel for Ponant and is a small luxury ship up to 184 passengers.

I absolutely loved the ship! It was not over the top, just the right amount of relaxed luxury, with a Scandinavian feel.

The food was excellent, French influenced, but plenty of choice if you preferred something else.

“As the only French cruise company, Ponant is an ambassador of the ‘French Touch’ around the world. With French crew, discreet service, refined cuisine and partners with excellent track records, we do our utmost to maintain our unique cruising philosophy.” – Ponant

The facilities were first class, heated outdoor pool, gorgeous sauna, fitness centre, yacht spa.

“Le Champlain has many common areas that are designed and equipped to meet all of your needs while preserving the intimacy of each passenger.” – Ponant

They have the first submarine lounge in the world – the Blue Eye which is fabulous and a unique feature. The Blue Eye lounge has 2 giant windows for viewing marine life. Sounds of marine animals will come through into the lounge as well! How cool….

The highlights for me were the destinations themselves and the scenery along the way which was absolutely breathtaking. I had so many WOW moments. Geiranger and the Briksdal Glacier were absolutely incredible.

About Vanessa

I started my career in travel in 2001. Some of my favourites places visited are Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji , Bali, and the Greek Islands. I spent my honeymoon travelling through Vietnam and loved Hoi An a charming little town with a relaxed atmosphere and fabulous food. With two young children we enjoy family holidays in particular Bali and Fiji for the great weather, family friendly resorts and convenience of being not too far away!



Maldives: When to go

Located at the equator, Maldives has two monsoonal seasons, the dry season during northeast monsoon and wet season or southwest monsoon. Generally, the weather in Maldives is dry and temperatures remain the same throughout the year whether it’s wet or dry season. You can expect 23°Cs to 31°Cs all year long which makes it a great place to visit for anyone looking forward to warm and beautiful beach weather.

The islands experience an equal split of 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night all year. During the day, there is an average of 8 hours of bright sunshine; perfect for long days on the beach.

January-April Weather

During the early months of the year, you can expect fantastic hot temperatures in Maldives with clear blue skies and minimal rain making it one of the best times to visit the country. This is especially true if you are looking forward to snorkelling or diving because waters tend to be very calm during this time of year.

May-September Weather

During this time, weather in Maldives gets wet and humid as this is the monsoon season. But despite that, it is still considered to be a period to travel to the islands. Since the islands are low-lying, rain clouds usually blow over quickly and rainfall does not last long.

October-December Weather

Once October rolls in, hot and dry weather comes back in Maldives. You can expect long days of sunshine and high temperatures during this time. Because of this, the islands are popular holiday destination during Christmas.

Overall, weather in Maldives are in beach season all year round. Even during the monsoon or wet season, you can still get to enjoy warm days on the beach with minimal disturbance.

If you are planning a trip to Maldives, we can offer you great packages with our Maldives Travel Specialists that fit your taste.

Source: Maldives Travel Connections

Kate – France River Cruise with Scenic Gem

I really couldn’t fault Scenic on my luxury France River Cruise. The staff were so friendly and always available for guests needs. The ship is modern, stylish, with lots of blues and blacks throughout the main areas. 

Kate Traynor

The itinerary really gets you to see the heart of France. From the beautiful old cities, to the little towns with the cutest patisseries in places you didn’t even know existed!

Hotel Scribe by Sofitel

  • 1 night pre-cruise
  • 9th arrondissement on the Right Bank

This is the hotel that Scenic use if you stay before or after your France River Cruise. It’s a fabulous, very grand, hotel.  Great for shopping as Galeries Lafayette and the big designer stores are all close by the hotel. It’s a 7 minute walk to the Metro (Madeline area). There is a Hop on Hop off bus tour stop about a 3 minute walk away which was really convenient.

I was upgraded to the Luxury Club Room which had a gorgeous interior with beautiful views of the street, and noise wasn’t a problem at all. One of the other agents I was travelling with was lucky enough to get a view of the Eiffel Tower from his room.  I saw the standard room which was still nice just smaller and had a different outlook. The Luxury Club Room had a Separate Shower and bath, spacious hall and comfy king bed. Breakfast was delicious with lots of variety.

48 Hours in Paris

For my 2 days in Paris before the Cruise I did the Hop on Hop off bus tour which I always recommend to see a city when you first arrive. I also did the ‘Popular Sites of Paris’ Segway tour which, was so much fun! You have to have a sense of adventure for this one, as it did get scary when crossing the roads and intersections of the crazy roads in the city. I would highly recommend this though as it was a great day out!

Scenic Gem

Our itinerary was 5 nights (6 days) with 80 agents and 20 media staff onboard. It was a sample cruise of the Normandy & Gems of the Seine River which is 10 nights (11 days) cruise.

  • Built in 2014
  • 127 Guests
  • This ship was specifically built to fit through the locks in Honfluer France
  • It is currently the only River Ship that can go into this area of France

I really can’t fault Scenic on my River Cruise. Staff we so friendly and always available for all needs. Modern, stylish, with lots of blues and blacks throughout the main areas in the ship

Food was delish with so many options. Breakfast was buffet or a la carte. The buffet had so many options with a chef there to cook anything you want. Lunch, you could either eat at the buffet in the main dining room or a light lunch in the River Café. The river Café was my favourite as the buffet food had heavier food (for me) for lunch. Dinner in main dining room each night, with different sized tables. Dinner is a 4 course A La Carte meal with different menu options.

Scenic Gem has 2 speciality dining options. We got to experience the Chefs table which is 8 courses all matched with wines. This was a really fun night and would recommend booking this when you get on board.

Cabins on Scenic Gem

I was so lucky to have my own balcony cabin. I was on the Diamond deck which is a great deck to be on. Diamond Deck has extra inclusions like breakfast delivered in your cabin and complimentary laundry service. The 2 below decks don’t get these inclusions.  All room types have their own butler.

Standard Suite ~ It was really spacious as they have the extra space due to no balcony. This has a small window at water level

Private Balcony Suite ~ My cabin. I would recommend this with confidence. Great décor, big balcony with so much light, can open up the balcony sliding doors which instantly feels like you have much more space. The wardrobes are a good size and has lots of room under the bed for suitcases

Royal Suite ~ Same as the Balcony Suite except has a separate living area.

Royal Balcony Suite ~ There are two on board the Gem. At the rear of the ship. So much space! The suite has floor to ceiling windows with bed facing the window. They get all the same inclusions except they can host a cocktail event in their suite complimentary.


We got to visit some gorgeous French towns along the Seine. Scenic Free Choice options included walking tours of each town, bike rides where we got to visit Monet’s Garden and Monet’s House.  We also go to see a lot of castles. These are all half day morning tours, which gives you the option to come back to the boat for lunch and then have the afternoon at your leisure.

The main day tour of the cruise is the D Day Battle field sites at Normandy Beach. Some guests choose this cruise itinerary purely to do this day tour. It is a full day which starts at 8am and finishes at 6:30pm. Its a very emotional day but so worth it.

Disembarkment from ship at the end of the sailing is very easy for guests. Scenic arrange private transfers taking them either to the airport or hotels (conditions apply) to continue their holiday.

Getting There

I flew with Singapore Airlines in economy class, and had no problems with them. We checked in online prior and chose our seats which was great as I got to select an aisle seat (my preferance). The A380 from Singapore is an older aircraft which looks a bit tired, but the food & Entertainment was good!

Kate’s Travel Tips

  • My most memorable thing that I loved was Monet’s Garden and riding our bikes along the river.
  • My packing tip at that time of the year as it was cooler (October) was my Kathmandu Jacket, it kept me so warm. It was light and can easily be folded up in my suitcase so takes up little room.
  • I would recommend this itineary to someone who has done the Amsterdam – Budapest River Cruise and wants something different. This itinerary you really get to see all of France. To the beautiful old cities, to the little towns with the cutest patiseries in places you didn’t even know existed.





Kate & Sophie on Safari in Kenya

Sophie & Kate

We were able to experience a once in a lifetime Safari to Kenya with Wildlife Safari. We were amazed the whole way through at the incredible landscape, African hospitality and of course the chance to see the wildlife up close in their natural habitat. It was a luxury Safari from start to finish!

Our flight from Melbourne to Doha was upgraded to Business Class, and it certainly has the WOW factor!  We enjoyed all of the ammenities and the 14hr+ flight was made much more enjoyable by having a flat bed to sleep on.  If you get the chance, treat yourself to Business Class!

Wildlife Safari

We were met by a Wildlife Safari representative, making the entire arrival process easy and relaxed. He escorted us directly to our hotel. Our guide Anthony made our trip! He has worked in the industry for 38 years and still showed passion for the job, especially for the animals and explaining everything to us. He was wonderful.

  • 10/10 knowledge
  • Insider knowledge when and where the movements were happening
  • Anthony made our trip as we were able to get the most out of our experience

East Africa:

  • The best time to travel is May to October
  • Visa on arrival for Kenya for 50USD – very easy process
  • Currency – USD to Kenyan shillings

Sweetwaters Serena camp

Located on Ol Pejeta conservatory, Sweetwaters Camp has its own watering hole which encourages animals to come right up to the camp. Guaranteed sightings of some sort all day long.

  • Luxury tented accomodation
  • Pool
  • Full board package, food only
  • Good for families as double stories family tents are available
  • Game drives, morning and evening



Lake Elementaita Serena Camp,  Soysambu Conservatory

Located on lake Elementatita, it is great for those especially interested in bird watching including flamingos and pelicans.

  • 20 tents, all the same and 1 suite, 2 guests per room
  • Rooms/tents were very spacious
  • Many activities, such as horse back riding, cooking classes, yoga, nature walks. These are at an extra cost.
  • Alacarte dining, 4 courses. Food was still basic
  • Service excellent
  • Wouldn’t recommend for families
  • Lots of beautiful greenery

&Beyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp – Rift Valley, Masai Mara

This luxury camp has the WOW factor. Spend at least 3 nights here to get the full experience of the camp and facilities with enough time for the game drives.

  • Luxury tents set amongst the Masai Mara and over looking the Game Reserve
  • Service, they know you by first name. You have the one person look after you from start to finish
  • High and low tents available
  • Stunning pool looking over the game park
  • All tents are modern, scandi deco

Nairobi, Raddison blue 

  • 20 mins from airport
  • Modern, 5 star
  • 2 restaurants
  • Greta pool/bar area
  • Can organise taxi service if you want to go out for a day

Wildlife Viewing

  • Masai Mara is where it is at!
  • Great migration happens Between may and October, this when to come
  • We saw 4 of the big 5 both viewing days, and we are out of season
  • November it rains every arvo for about 2 hours

Masa Mara Village

  • We went to a village, its cost 25USD pp. Unfortunately it’s was cut short due to poor weather
  • It’s good to mix up game drives with different activities as it is long days in the vehicle

Kate & Sophie’s Travel Tips

  1. Little notes for tipping. Everyone expects to be tipped. USD is fine
  2. Take snacks!! There are big days in the car between locations, plus game drives. So it’s vital to have snacks
  3. Pack layers
  4. Take your own binoculars
  5. Big SD card

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