At Destination HQ our small travel groups are aimed at flexibility. No herd mentality. Just a prime selection of like-minded individuals who are keen on experiencing the world in a similar fashion to you. Step out of your shell and make new friends. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Small Group Touring perfect for those who like a little bit of company when travelling

It’s never been so easy to make new friends. Small group tours are great for those of us who prefer to leave the itinerary to an expert tour guide. The days and nights are planned only to a point with plenty of flexibility in between. Plus it’s nice to know that like-minded company is always there if you need it.

Redefine group travel. We make it flexible enough to suit your individual travel needs but still with the comfort of having like-minded travellers by your side when you want…

Latest Small Group Package Deals…

YES! We also build custom holidays from scratch. Contact the team direct.