Reece: Scenic Europe River Cruise

I have just returned from an amazing adventure on board Scenic’s new Space Ship, Scenic Jasper. Scenic have recently rebranded their offerings, focusing on the “wonder” of the destinations they visit, and introducing two new Space Ships as well as updating their coaches. What a beautiful transition it has been, using their new black colour scheme with mirrors and elegant surfaces, the attention to detail has not gone unnoticed.

The Rooms.

The suites are a little subtler in their colour scheme, providing a very pleasant space that entices rest and relaxation. I was able to view all the room categories, but the one stood out from the rest was the single balcony cabin, room 224. It is a great option for a single traveller with the cabin being slightly narrower than regular cabins, you are given your own space. However the bathroom and balcony layout is the same as regular cabins, giving you plenty of room to enjoy the Scenic experience. Having stayed in this cabin I can tell you first hand that there is no noise disturbance and is a great option for single travellers.

The balconies, known as ‘Sun Lounges’ are amazing. The sun lounges are a floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall window giving maximum views from your room. The top half winds down at the push of a button to open up and become a true balcony allowing the outside in.

You can partition the rest of the room off if needed as the air conditioning does get shut off once the balcony is opened for obvious reasons.

The Food.

The food on board was some of the best I have eaten, truly fantastic. I dined at all the restaurants on offer, from the Crystal Dining Room to the River Café, and was never disappointed. The cuisine in the Crystal Dining Room changes from day to day, with a buffet breakfast and lunch, and a la carte for dinner.

The River Café is a light dining option offering sandwiches and pastries plus a smaller buffet and pizzas for lunch.

Portobello’s offers great Italian food on board, serving 7 courses with fine wine, it is a great option but a reservation is required.

Rounding out the dining options on board is Table La Rivé, a premier experience reserved for guests on the Diamond Deck (top deck). It is a 6-course degustation with paired wines, and is truly lavish and luxurious. Reservations are also required as it has a maximum capacity of 10 guests per sitting. There is also a 24-hour a day ‘butler service’ that serves as Scenic’s concierge/room service option.

The Staff.

The staff couldn’t be more helpful. They are very prompt with their service and friendly, always saying hello and having a chat. They were more than accommodating with some of the special requests, especially regarding meals.

The Extras.

The Tailor-made devices are another unique addition this year and offer another level of depth to your journey. The device is essentially a handheld, GPS activated tour guide that talks to you through a very comfortable earpiece.

They can be used as a self-guide with points of interested loaded onto a map with your location plotted via GPS. Tour guides can use it on guided walks so there’s no more need for mega phones or to fight the rest of the group for front position. They can even be used on board the ship to give commentary of the river, also using GPS plotted points of interest.

The Destinations.

Enough about Scenic though, as they’d tell you “It’s not just about the on board experience, it’s about the destinations.” Scenic just make it all that more enjoyable.

Here’s an example: I wasn’t really “getting” Vienna to start with. It’s a pretty city and I had heard that there was a lot of music history there but it was a little ruined by all the souvenir shops selling silly Mozart dolls on springs, dancing up and down in their windows.

Scenic’s Enrich program took us to Palais Lichtenstien in the heart of Vienna. We all got dressed up and were welcomed with champagne for a traditional 12 piece symphony, complete with opera singers and ballet dancers. Now that is something that I didn’t think would interest me, but they put on a fantastic show and from that moment on I really “got” Vienna and now have an appreciation for that music history I was so underwhelmed with before.

This continued back on the spaceship where I took part in one of the many on board entertainment activities and I learnt the Viennese waltz!

The Sundowner Experiences are also something special. On one of our included shore excursions, a bicycle ride from Durnstein to Melk, everyone had noticed an impressive castle up on a hill on the opposite bank. Little did we know we be later exploring that castle with sunset drinks, as part of the Sundownder Experience. There was Austrian singing and dancing, plus this was opened specifically for our group so it felt even more special.

Scenic Tours really are all-inclusive and the staff truly goes the extra mile. It is a very refined product that I can’t rate highly enough. They truly provide the perfect way to experience Europe.


For more information about Reece’s Scenic European adventure, give one of our travel experts a call on 1300 783 840.