Kirilly: Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of my favourite cities that I have been lucky to visit is Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.  With a population over 13 million people the city has been virtually rebuilt since the beginning of this century and very few of the old buildings remain. It drags you in to its charms whether it is the famous tango, the atmosphere of its surrounding neighbourhoods, the amazing restaurants for you to try local food and wine or simply strolling around soaking in this vibrant city.  What makes this city so fascinating is its dual-heritage, part European & part Latin American.

Buenos Aires is home to the widest  avenue in the world where you can see many of the city’s famous monuments & sights. Plaza de Mayo the city’s largest square resembles a grand square you could find in Madrid and the ornate Teatro Colon which flanks it looks like a building you could find in Vienna.  But there are plenty of cobblestoned streets around with impromptu parades to let you know that you are indeed in Argentina!  You can visit the nearby neighbourhood of La Boca which is the typically Italian district and where you can sit back & enjoy some lunch and watch some locals doing the tango!  It is probably the most colourful area of Buenos Aires and its sits along the port.  It has many brightly painted low houses made of wood and metal which are amazing to see. The main street here is Caminito which is home to the artisan & painters fair, open air tango shows and typical Italian cantinas.

A must to any visitor here is to explore the Recoleta area.  Such a pretty neighbourhood filled with lovely houses and tree lined streets.  There are parks and a large array of restaurants and cafes to try.  It is home to the famous Recoleta market which is only on weekends.  A popular tourist attraction of this area is the Recoleta Cemetry where Eva Perone is laid to rest.  The neighbourhood of Palermo situated next to this area is also beautiful with huge jacaranda trees.  There are many parks to visit with some stunning flora and fauna to see.  I actually did a fantastic bike ride around this area with a local guide and got to see so much more of the area I would have seen on my own… even taken to his favourite local bakery to try out some local delights.

San Telmo is yet another stunning part of the city, some say the most picturesque of Buenos Aires.  Here you can wander down cobblestone streets and look at the colonial buildings amongst and array of shops & boutiques, tango parlours & cafes.  The Sunday Flea market here provides excellent, leisurely people-watching & shopping opportunities!

As I have already mentioned, Buenos Aires offers some wonderful shopping, it is said to be one of the most charming cities of the world for this reason.  You can find grand boulevards, to winding streets which offer an endless variety of boutiques, galleries and antique shops.  Argentina is well known for its excellent beef and also red wine and you will find many local restaurants to try this out for yourself.  It is also home to some delicious ice-cream!  Buenos Aires is also known for its vibrant bars & nightlife so there is always plenty of offer for anyone visiting this city and all I can say is – it’s a must for anyone visiting South America, I bet you will fall in love with the city like I did!  It has rich cultural heritage, the highest concentration of theatres in the world and a way of life that cant help but drag you in to its charms!