Jo – Lapland

One of our very lucky staff members is off to visit Santa this Christmas at the North Pole. Jo, from our Beaumaris office, is set to spend Christmas in the beautiful frozen land of Lapland.

Lapland is the most northern province of Finland where you get to experience 24 hours of daylight in the summer and get to witness the majestical northern lights at night in the winter. It is also home to our jolly red-suited friend – Santa Claus.

Finland is Europe’s 8th largest country and the most sparsely populated.

There are many different routes you can take to get to Finland’s capital Helsinki. Once there this vibrant, seaside city has lots to offer. It’s worth spending a few days here to immerse yourself in the Scandinavian culture before you head north.

Snowmobile, Finland

Once in the far North there is so much to see and do. Apart from Santa’s village there is also cross country skiing, down hill skiing and of course snowboarding. Take the kids on a Husky drawn sled or snowmobile safari across the tundra. Camp out under the stars to witness the Northern lights and you cannot go to the North Pole without having a reindeer sleigh ride. Maybe join the locals in a frozen pool plunge – not for the faint hearted.

huskie-drawn sled

We’re sure Jo will bring us back plenty of stories from each of these adventurous activities in the frozen North.

So if travelling to Lapland is something that you could consider for Christmas in 2015 or perhaps visit fascinating Finland and experience everything this country has to offer. Give the travel experts at Destination HQ a call on 1800 670 041