Sophie: Club Med Tomamu, Japan

Clubmed Tomamu Japan opened this year, and it is the perfect place for your next family ski holiday. The rooms and entertainment areas are spacious and modern. It is more than just your standard ski trip, as the GOs and ski instructors become your family and Club Med becomes your home.

I really want to congratulate Club Med on how well they do their Ski Program. The entire process is seamless. It is honestly the easiest ski holiday! Two lessons are scheduled per day, and they cater to all levels. I’ve snowboarded for 9 years, and I can’t believe how much I learnt over the last 4 days. The instructors are excellent, a solid 10/10.

The Terrain at Tomamu is perfect for Beginners to Intermediate. There were no lift lines when we were there so it felt we had the mountain to ourselves! It is a smaller mountain so expert riders just need to be aware of this.

It’s not all about the amazing Japanese powder. Off the slopes there is a range of resort activities, from daily yoga to a traditional onsen. The kids can make a splash Mina Mina beach wave pool, or even test their paddle boarding skills, while the adults can treat themselves to a much needed massage.

In the evening the bar is pumping, enjoy a drink with the gorgeous GOs and your Instructors while watching the nightly entertainment. Otherwise for a quiet night you can sneak off to the Nest Bar and indulge in premium whisky and sake tasting.

The facilities for Kids are second to none, brand new and all of the kids I came across were loving life! Not to mention the delicious food done in a buffet style, so there is always lots of choice for any fussy eaters!

What’s Included?

Clubmed knows how to do ski, being all inclusive there is no need to worry about putting your hand in your pocket every 5 minutes – and we all know how easy it is to spend up a storm at the snow!!

  • Ski passes and classes
  • Kids club 4-17
  • All meals and beverages
  • Day and night entertainment

Holiday Planning Tips

Add on some time in Tokyo to soak up some of the incredible Japanese culture before or after your Ski experience at Club Med.  Also Check out my interview with ski Instructor Pat for his tips on the best time to come! I would not hesitate to recommend this to families as it’s such a seamless holiday.

About Sophie

Sophie has previously lived and worked in the Canadian winters for over 2 Years. She has also been to Club Med Sahoro & Club Med Piessey Valandry in France, so if you have any more questions about what is the right ski holiday for you please contact